Musical works by Hugh Benham

Hugh’s compositions, from 1975 to present, are listed below.

A Prayer of St John ChrysostomChoral and organUnison voicesUMP20172'39
A Triumph SongChoralSATB and organHTF20112'38
Ave MariaChoralSATB a cappellaUMP20142'31
Ave verum corpusChoralSATB and organUMP20094'32
Behold the Lamb of GodChoralSATB and organHTF19842'24
Blest are the Pure in HeartChoralSATB and organHTF20092'37
Day by DayChoralSATB and organWLP20132'00
Divinum mysteriumChoralSATB and organHTF20094'00
Dormi JesuChoralSATB and organUMP20072'00
Evening Service in DChoralSATB and organUMP20118'00
Evening Service in GChoral and organUnison upper voicesUMP20127'56
Every Day we Meet with ChristChoralSATB and organUMP20171'34
Felix namque esChoralSATB a cappellaUMP20211'30
Glorious thingsChoralSATB and organUMP20084'39
God be in My HeadChoralSATB a cappellaUMP20122'01
Love came down at ChristmasChoralSATB and organHTF19923'18
Love's redeeming workChoralSATB and organHTF20114'38
Mass ‘Veni creator Spiritus'ChoralSATB a cappellaUMP201214'23
O Crux, Ave!ChoralSATB a cappellaUMP20212'00
O magnum mysteriumChoralSSATBB a cappellaUMP20204'30
O quam amabilis esChoralSATB a cappellaUMP20194'30
O sacrum convivium IChoralSATB a cappellaHTF19751'36
O sacrum convivium IIChoralSATB a cappellaUMP20185'15
O salutaris hostiaChoralSATB a cappellaUMP20194'30
Panis angelicusChoralSATB a cappellaUMP20212'30
Praise to GodChoralSATB and organUMP20082'15
Teach me my God and KingChoralSATB and organUMP20144'29
The Lord's PrayerChoral and organUnison voicesUMP20071'35
Ubi caritas – Where there's loveChoralSATB and organUMP20174'27
When Christ was bornChoralSATB and organWLP20132'17
Allegro scherzandoOrganOrganHTF20114'26
Chant donné Basse donnéeOrganOrganUMP20184'09
Mysterium fideiOrganOrganUMP20104'30
Prelude on ‘Ave Maris stella'OrganOrganUMP20123'00
Trinity VoluntaryOrganOrganUMP20123'30
Barbara AllenPiano DuetPianoUMP20212'32
FinalePiano DuetPianoUMP20213'30
Hampshire MorningPianoPianoUMP20182'47
Landscape and AirscapePianoPianoUMP20206'02
Little SuitePianoPianoUMP2020/19'17
Mice on the FarmPianoPianoUMP20212'47
Night Piece(aka Hampshire Night)PianoPianoUMP20204'25